Getting rid of mold staining can be a challenge without the right secret weapon. That is where Flash AF comes in. This effective mold stain eliminator is ideal for use in a battery-powered sprayer and starts working in seconds without abrasion. Take these three steps to get rid of mold staining on a variety of indoor or outdoor materials.

Clean the Scene

Remove surface dirt and grime from the affected area ahead of time to allow for a more effective mold stain removal treatment. Depending on where mold is growing, it may be necessary to use a broom or brush. There is no need to scrub before or after application. Remember to contain contaminated equipment to stop the spread of spores.

Spray on Flash AF

A battery-powered spray dispenser is the best way to dispense this full-strength treatment from Avenger Formulas. Make sure this equipment is rated for use with cleaning solutions that contain bleach or chlorine. Contractors should wear appropriate personal protective equipment while applying this formula. The extent of exposure is limited by the ability of this product to quickly remove stains without scrubbing.

Watch Mold Stains Disappear

In a matter of seconds, mold stains are cleared from materials, such as fiberglass, composite, concrete, tile, vinyl, wood or stucco. If any signs of staining remain, reapply treatment until there is no visible indication of the presence of mold. This product is easy to use and results are apparent as soon as the spray hits a mold-stained surface. Flash AF stands out from other mold stain eliminator treatments in that it comes at full strength  and requires no dilution. Contractors also appreciate the fact that the formula works well at cold temperatures and remains effective for the duration of the recommended shelf life. Order this cleaner directly from Avenger Formulas to treat materials with mold stains.