Clear away mold stains in seconds with Flash AF from Avengers Formulas. Over 30 years of restoration experience are distilled into this fast-acting mold stain eliminator. Contractors around the United States appreciate the ease of application and the speed with which this cleaner eliminates staining. Find out more how Flash AF works on materials such as composite, concrete, fiberglass, stucco, tile, vinyl and wood.

Ready-To-Use Formulas

Flash AF is sold at full-strength and is safe to use in battery-powered sprayers rated for bleach or chlorine. This mold stain cleaner has several benefits straight out of the bottle:

Eliminates the need for blasting, scrubbing or sanding
Reduces staining within seconds
Works on surface stains down to substrate

Each gallon of this formula can treat up to 300 square feet of mild staining or 200 square feet of heavy stains. Restoration companies that specialize in mold remediation should stock up on cases of this cleaner by ordering directly from Avengers Formulas.

Faster Application

Flash AF works faster than mold stain cleaners that require abrasion. The full-strength formula eliminates time spent diluting concentrated formulas and starts working on contact with stained surfaces. All of the time saved during treatment can add up to money saved.

Eliminate Stains in Seconds

As soon as Flash AF is applied, this superpowered cleaner will clear away most signs of stains. Heavy staining may require multiple applications to restore the appearance of building materials. Each application with a powered sprayer is as easy as the last with no need for additional labor.

Mold stains have finally met their match in Flash AF from Avengers Formulas. Contractors who remediate mold at commercial and residential properties in US appreciate a faster and more effective stain treatment. After seeing Flash AF in action, remediation professionals can order this cleaner direct from the manufacturer and get ready to come to the rescue.