Flash AF gives contractors the power to eliminate stains caused by mold in seconds. Find out more about how this proprietary treatment works wonders without scrubbing. Any contractor who has this secret weapon in their arsenal is ready to come to the rescue and banish mold stains at commercial properties.

Target Stains With Flash AF

Flash AF is formulated for treating staining caused by fungi. This cleaner starts working instantly on surface contact and sticks to the substrate to eliminate deep sources of stains. This formula is rated for use on all of the following materials:


No matter where mold lurks, Flash AF is the easiest way to restore the unstained appearance of building materials. A gallon of this cleaner can fix 200 to 300 square feet of damage, depending on the severity of staining.

Spray On Full-Strength Stain Remover

Some stain cleaners for fungus must be diluted prior to use. A contractor can save time and effort by relying on Flash AF to save the day. A single spray treatment with a battery-powered sprayer should wipe out mild to moderate staining. Reapply cleaner to heavy stains that require super-strength. 

Push the Limits of Restoration

Flash AF is more effective at lower temperatures than other treatments. No matter the weather, this secret weapon remains effective. Many contractors still think that a lot of elbow grease is needed to clean up staining caused by fungus. This super-powered formula simplifies the process of restoring the appearance of building materials.
Only the strength harnessed in Flash AF can instantly transform the appearance of stained building materials at commercial structures. Most other mold cleaners require blasting or scrubbing to eliminate every visible trace of staining. Contractors who know this superhero secret are ready to clean up mold stains in record time.