As a restoration specialist, you may find yourself battling mold growth and stains in your clients’ homes. Being a professional, you will have many tools at your disposal during the process. The cleaner that you use is one of the most important.

What It Is
Mold is a very adaptable fungus. It grows and spreads rapidly in the right conditions. It must have a water source, but it can survive in a wide range of temperatures and grow on many surfaces, including the following:

Ceiling tiles
Paper products

No matter where the infestation occurs, it will most likely emit a musty odor and may cause permanent damage if left untreated.

How To Clean It
Because of the media coverage of toxic fungi cases, your clients may be worried about their health. Therefore, it is important that you do a thorough job and put their minds at ease. However, the spores are tiny, nearly everywhere and impossible to fully remove. Even after the fungi are dead, there may be unsightly mold stains left behind. As a restoration specialist, you have likely followed the following basic steps innumerable times:

Dry the area.
Contain the fungi.
Kill the infestation.
Restore and replace damaged items.
Remove stains.
Counsel clients about how to prevent a re-infestation.

It is on the fifth step that Avenger Formulas comes in. The Flash AF product removes mold stains quickly and efficiently from a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. This cuts down on employee hours that you must pay out in labor costs, increasing your bottom line and allowing you to take on more work. Additionally, fully removing the stains provides your customers with peace of mind that you did the job correctly and thoroughly.

Restoration companies need high-quality cleaning products that work the first time. Avenger Formulas can provide you with a reliable, efficient mold cleanup product.