Bleach gets a bad name. The chemical, also known as sodium chlorite, has a pungent smell and is toxic, so sometimes people get nervous about using in the residence. Despite these issues, however, the substance does actually work wonders on household disinfecting and mold treatment, especially when combined with the right substances. Homeowner’s shouldn’t let blemishes sit. Here are three reasons to consider products that include bleach.

1. It Can Battle Bacteria
This compounds makeup has the ability to breakdown bacteria, mold and mildew. It packs a powerful punch, destabilizing the proteins and molecules. That is why is often used to eliminate issues in the home. While the chemical alone cannot penetrate through the surface, it can be combined into a proprietary formula that does. Look for something that has the ability to allow the molecules to stick on, working not just on the outside but the inside as well.

2. It Can Remove Stains
When mold appears, it stains, blemishing the look of your counters, walls, or ceiling. Not only can this be upsetting to those living there, but it can make selling the residence more difficult down the road. You want to use a professional substance that can not only sanitize, but whiten. Bleach reacts with the spots, breaking it down and preventing light absorption. This essentially removes or diminishes the stain, restoring the object’s look.

3. It Can Have Reduced Smell
Perhaps the the most upsetting component is fumes. The harsh aroma can be irritating to some. You don’t need to sacrifice quality though. Some products use proprietary ingredients to reduce or remove scent, giving you the cleaning impact without the aggravation. Simply review the available goods, looking for one that emphasizes effectiveness without pungent fragrance.
Bleach doesn’t need to be the bad guy. It can do a lot of good. Find a combined formula that sanitizes thoroughly and leaves your place looking good.