One of the potential intruders to your home that you may not have thought about is mold. Black mold spores are ubiquitous, meaning they exist virtually everywhere, and are just waiting for the right combination of dampness and warmth to occur, so they can take hold of multiple surfaces in your home. Black mold can cause nasty odors, dark staining, discoloration and even deterioration of many materials in the home and it may require strong products such as Flash AF to clean it up. 

Which Surfaces are Subject to Mold Growth?

Mold can literally grow on anything, including dust and food. It is not picky as long as there is moisture present. Here are some examples of places within a home that you may find mold growth and that should be monitored for it.

Sheet rock walls and ceilings, particularly in bathrooms and basements
Shower or tub surrounds, including the tracks and doors and under sinks
In crawlspaces or attics
Studs and woodwork behind moldy walls
Wallpaper, books, paper or cardboard

Why is Mold Harmful?

When mold grows on organic materials, it not only spreads along the surface causing staining, but also begins to go deeper. The black fungus can cause materials to weaken and rot, even causing floors to cave or walls to crumple if left to grow long enough. Mold grows quickly and can easily spread to other areas.

Can Mold Stains be Removed?

The good news is that in most cases, mold can be attacked and stains removed. It will require the use of something strong, such as Flash AF, a professional-strength mold stain remover which can work in just seconds and continues to soak in deeper killing mold and eliminating the stains.

Don’t let mold get the upper hand. If you are facing black mold stains, Flash AF may just be the secret weapon you have been looking for.